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From the []:

From Spotlight Data: Jisc RDS Software Projects


From a synthesis of the projects in the context of the OAIS model, by Jen Mitcham of the Filling the Digital Preservation Gap project


Further information

Hyperlinks to further information on the project

Potential to enhance

Is there potential to leverage non-preservation focused developments to enhance preservation capabilities?


Is there potential for collaboration and/or exploiting existing/parallel work beyond the project consortiums?

Considerations going forward

What are the key considerations (with regard to preservation) for taking forward the work beyond the current phase?

Uptake and sustainability

What steps should be taken to ensure effective uptake and sustainability of the work within the digital preservation community?

Project website sustainability checklist

A brief checklist ensuring the project work can be understood and reused by others in the future.

Task Score
Clear project summary on one page, hyperlink heavy
Project start/end dates
Clear licensing details for reuse
Clear contact details
Source code online and referenced from website

2=present, 1=partial, 0=missing

Key recommendations

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See all projects | About this work | Jisc Research Data Spring