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The Digital Preservation Coalition was asked by Jisc to perform a short study of the Jisc Research Data Spring Projects at the end of the second phase of the programme in December 2015. It has provided recommendations on how the projects can be enhanced from a digital preservation perspective as the projects continue on towards a third and final development phase in early 2016. This analysis considered challenges, gaps in the provision of solutions, potential for collaboration and opportunities for sustainability, all from the perspective of long term digital preservation. A brief checklist of sustainability considerations of each project website was also provided.

The Research Data Management and broader Digital Preservation communities do not always have a strong crossover, so this work has considered where messages from one area would be of value to share more actively in the other. The DPC will continue to assist in enabling this communication of the outcomes of the Research Data Spring projects, throughout the third phase of the programme and beyond, informed by this study.

These wiki pages also provide a source of information on the projects, collated from a number of sources, including preservation focused synthesis work by the Filling the Digital Preservation Gap project, and a more general synthesis by Spotlight Data.

Note that where projects have focus almost exclusively on topics other than long term preservation, analysis performed by this study has been minimal.


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