Giving Researchers Credit for their Data

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From Spotlight Data: Jisc RDS Software Projects

"The project aims to: “to develop a simple ‘one-click’ process where data, metadata and methods detail are transferred from an IR to a relevant publisher platform for publication as a data paper.” The project will scope the requirements, develop a helper app, interfaces to repositories and work to develop a journal interface.
Key project outputs:
  1. Phase 1: Feasibility Study
  2. Phase 2: API Specification for interaction between a data repository, the helper app and a publisher submission system
  3. Phase 2: Proof of concept Helper app"

From a synthesis of the projects in the context of the OAIS model, by Jen Mitcham of the Filling the Digital Preservation Gap project

"Along a similar theme is “Giving Researchers Credit for their Data” from the University of Oxford. This project is also looking at more streamlined ways of linking data in repositories with publisher platforms and avoiding retyping of metadata by researchers. They are working on practical prototypes with Ubiquity, Elsevier and Figshare and looking specifically at the communication between the repository platform and publication platform.
Ultimately these 2 projects are all about giving researchers the tools to make depositing data easier and, in doing so, ensuring that the repository also gets the information it needs to manage the data in the long term. This impacts on digital preservation in 2 ways. First the easier processes for deposit will encourage more data to be deposited in repositories where it can then be preserved. Secondly, data submitted in this way should include better metadata (with a direct link to a related publication) which will make the job of the repository in providing access to this data easier and ultimately encourage re-use."

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This project will potentially have a huge impact on preservation, simply by making deposit processes easier. There is however a minimal impact on the related preservation functions that come later in the curation lifecycle. Analysis in this review work has therefore been minimal.

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Task Score
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Key recommendations

  • Suggest creating a short, single web page with basic project details and hyperlinks to relevant further information


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