Template for building a business case

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A detailed guide for building a business case, structured in the form of a generic business case.

Use this as a guide to writing each section of your business case. It may be useful, before you start, to consider "What's in a business case?". Note that if your organisation has a business case template you should follow its structure.

Executive summary

A summary of the key features of the business case and a compelling argument for what you want to achieve.

Strategic vision

Where do you want to be in "x" years?

Background, context and status

The key background and foundational sections of your business case that consider your organisation's status and the world that it sits within, a focus on your digital assets and an assessment of the key stakeholders that will be involved, and the risks facing your digital assets.

Business activity

A description of the business activity that your business case will enable.

Option appraisal/value for money analysis/return on investment

A presentation of the possible options along with an assessment of the benefits, costs and risks associated with each.

The benefits that will be generated by the activity outlined in your business case.

An outline of what it will cost to implement the activity identified in your business case.

The risks associated with the activity outlined in your business case.