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Planning and Watch business activity

An example Business Activity description.

With limited time and resources, monitoring our digital collections, not to mention advancing technology, tools and file formats, is a real challenge for our small collections team. Our institution will establish a Planning and Watch function that will update our preservation strategy using the latest technology. The first stage (defined by this business case) will put in place the Planning and Watch Suite developed by the SCAPE Project. Phase 2 of the project will establish a Preservation Action function that will support the implementation of preservation decisions made by the Planning and Watch function.

The main activities of the first phase are:

  • Train archival staff in using the Planning and Watch Suite
  • Purchase new hardware on which local systems will run
  • Install and setup local components of the Planning and Watch Function
  • Test and perform trial runs of the function to ensure it's effectiveness
  • Transition to Planning and Watch as a business as usual activity
  • Review, evaluate and submit business plan for Phase 2


Discussion notes explaining the approach in developing the Business Activity example, above.

A typical approach with this kind of capital investment (even if small) is to break it down into manageable chunks, and deliver it as part of a longer term strategy that ties each phase of a project into a coherent whole. This makes it more manageable and enables management to follow progress and see that the investment is working before committing further funds. For those submitting the business case, this makes it easier to get approval, as long as the work is successful.