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Planning and Watch benefits

An example of business benefits.

Implementing the Planning and Watch Suite of software from the SCAPE Project will realise the following benefits:

  • Business as usual preservation activities will be made more effective and more efficient
  • Limited resources will be targeted at critical preservation risks
  • Longevity of our digital collections will be ensured
  • Our reputation for digital preservation will be enhanced via participation in the collaborative Preservation Watch mechanism


Discussion notes explaining the approach in developing the Business Benefits example, above.

Cost versus benefit lies at the heart of any business case, but the cost aspect can often be attractive to management. However, these benefits sell the business case not on saving money but on a small capital investment enabling limited day to day resources to expended more effectively. "Do more with less" and "Working smarter" are somewhat trite buzz phrases representing a management mentality that can sometimes be helpful to play on in this kind of situation. This business case is literally applying new technology to do a more effective job with the same resources.