Lovebytes case study

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Lovebytes case study


Lovebytes is a digital arts organisation which was established in 1994 to explore the cultural and creative impact of new technology. Over the past 19 years, we have amassed a collection of digital media, which represent a rich historical record of emerging digital culture through our activities in the field of digital art.

In June 2013 Lovebytes was awarded funding from SPRUCE enabling us to develop a Business Case for the Lovebytes Media Archive, which will be used as a foundation for applications for public and private funding, and will be tailored to suit specific funding application requirements.

This Business Case identifies recommendations for capturing, cataloguing and preserving our assets and making them accessible for the benefit of current and future generations.

Key Recommendations Identified in the Business Case

  • Source Funding
    • Develop a budget and research potential sources of funding for the project.
  • Identify partners
    • Identify an institutional partner, who can preserve and sustain the archive in perpetuity.
  • Preserve the assets
    • Undertake a full audit of all the assets, assess the level of risk, implement a backup and catalogue
  • Intellectual Property searches and clarification
    • Assess existing copyright agreements and gain clearance as required
  • Implement the Lovebytes Media Archive Project
    • Devise a user friendly, accessible web based structure
  • Research the potential for public launch and related events
  • Key resources
    • Identify time, funds and resources required to initiate the preservation.