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The following diagram is a representation of Figure A-1: Composite of Functional Entities’ from the OAIS reference model. It is simplified versions with correction of a number of errors in the standards diagram, which also implicitly includes a suggestion of renaming Archival Storage to Preservation storage.

Inserted by Eld Zierau, The Royal Library of Denmark


The detailed modifications are:

  • Archival Storage has the name “Preservation storage” added
    which is a suggestion coming from Nancy McGovern (MIT) and which we are fully agreeing with. The challenge in the past has been that many people think of Archival Storage as just a storage platform, where it in fact is much more than this.
    This also supports the idea of the OO-IO model where the Archival Storage/Preservation storage is viewed as an Inner OAIS (IO) as explained in the paper “Supporting Analysis and Audit of Collaborative OAIS’s by use of an Outer OAIS – Inner OAIS (OO-IO) Model” by Eld Zierau (Digital Preservation Specialist at Royal Danish Library) and Nancy McGovern (Head, Curation and Preservation Services at MIT Libraries) https://fedora.phaidra.univie.ac.at/fedora/get/o:378066/bdef:Content/get (p. 209) – originally based on the paper “Cross-Institutional Cooperation on a Shared Bit Repository” by Eld Zierau (Digital Preservation Specialist at Royal Danish Library of Denmark) and Ulla Bøgvad Kejser (Preservation Specialist at Royal Danish Library of Denmark) http://bookstore.teriin.org/journal_inside.php?material_id=477&highlight_id=449&ji_id=114&displayLatest=1#449
  • Lines with information packages are made more thick
    This is an idea that Ulla Bøgvad Kejser came up with, to make the flow of the information package(s) in the OAIS, Eld Zierau has made the update information package flow a bit thinner in order to distinguish this from the main flow.
  • Repetition of arrow markings and arrow text on the arrows have been omitted
    as it was not used consistently and it did not add any value, and at the same time it contributed to a blurring and confusion. Instead all text is only placed at the end of the arrow – as the description of the information that is carried to an entity. This is done consistently, so no confusion should be possible.
  • All descriptions now starts with a capital letter
    This also commands in Archival Storage for the Manage Storage Hierarchy function.
  • Lines have been untangled
    This includes aligning related arrows (e.g. report request from different places) by placed next placing then next to each other
  • Colors has been re-implemented
    The colors are the same as in the previous version of OAIS, and it is done in order to give a better overview
  • Ingest is not called Access
    which is an error in the present diagram
  • Arrows that are part of the same transmission of data are merged to one
    This is done in order to make it more readable and more consistent with e.g. the arrow for the submission. This is e.g. the case for arrow(s) between the functions Provide Data and Generate DIP
  • Final Ingest report arrows in Administration have been fixed
  • Number of corrections according to the actual descriptions of the functional entities
    For example all arrows from the Access functional entity to the functions Customer service and Establish Standards and Policiesis in the Administration functional entity are now in the diagram. The same is the case for some of the Preservation Planning functions and there have been some tidying up with the Access functional entity as well.

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