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It is essential for an OAIS to have documented policies and procedures for preserving its AIPs, and it should follow those procedures. In particular AIPs should never be deleted unless allowed as part of an approved policy; there should be no ad-hoc deletions. The appropriate policies and procedures will depend, at minimum, on the nature of the AIPs and any ‘backup’ relationships the Archive may have with other Archives. For example, migrations that alter any Content Information or PDI will need to be carefully monitored and the appropriate PDI fully updated. This attention to detail, while also ensuring against processing errors, requires that strong policies and procedures be in place and that they be executed.

The Producer and Consumer communities should be provided with submission and dissemination standards, policies, and procedures to support the preservation objectives of the OAIS.

The Designated Community should be monitored to be sure the Content Information is still understandable to them. The Designated Community may lose its familiarity with some terminology, and the definition of the community may be broadened to include other members with different backgrounds. For example, a periodic review with participants representing the Designated Community could assist in this process.

A Long Term technology usage plan, updated as technology evolves, is essential to avoid being caught with very costly system maintenance, emergency system replacements, and costly data representation transformations.

The Archive should have a formal Succession Plan, contingency plans, and/or escrow arrangements in place in case the Archive ceases to operate or the governing or funding institution substantially changes its scope.

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OAIS Community Logo small.png

Community Forum | OAIS Community | OAIS Structure | OAIS Blog Posts | Active Topics and News

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