Why are we writing a business case?

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  • What are re-users' requirements?
  • What is the importance of the assets to the institution?
  • How mature (in DP terms) is organisation?
  • What are your organisation's business objectives?

Why is preservation important for each of these groups/areas?

What are the benefits in relation to:

  • Collections? (secure and accessible)
  • Department? (fulfilling strategic objectives)
  • Organisation? (ability to fulfil organisational mission, effective exploitation of assets - maximising their use)
  • Users? (access to collections)
  • Depositors? (trust in repository)

What are the risks in relation to:

  • Collections? (information loss)
  • Department? (inability to fulfil strategic objectives)
  • Organisation? (reputational damage, loss of income generating capacity with lack of access to assets)
  • Users? (loss of access to collections)
  • Depositors? (lack of confidence in repository)

Why should I...?

  • Why should I worry about data loss?
  • Why should I worry about access?
  • Why should I make this a priority?
  • Why can't I leave it to our IT people?

Further information:

  • Strategy documents (collections development policies, organisational/departmental strategies, mission statements)
  • Risk assessment methodologies
  • Sample business cases
  • Preservation case studies - horror stories and success stories