Who is going to be affected?

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  • Who is writing the business case?
The person writing the business case needs to have an understanding of: the digital content to be preserved, and the challenges associated with it that need to be solved. Th

Are you the right person? Who are you writing the business case for? What format / length are they expecting? Who else in the organisation needs to be involved? Who are the designated community?

  • Who has the authority to make decisions?
You need to understand your organisational structure

  • Who is the external sponsor?
An external sponsor is a person in another part of the organisation (preferably a senior manager) who will champion your business case
  • Who is providing the infrastructure?
Supporting infrastructure could be provided by many parts of the organisation, for example technology:IT services, staffing or recruitment:Human Resources.
  • Who is the owner of other relevant documentation?
 Relevant documentation to your business case could be located in many different parts of your organisation, for example: institutional archive, departmental policy documents. Be careful not miss important sources of information by working in a vacuum.
  • Who will determine the value of the assets?

  • Who will monitor implementation of DP?
  • Who will measure whether DP is a success on an ongoing basis?
  • What are the metrics of success? KPIs?
  • Who is supplying the assets / providing DP service?
  • Who is demanding value from the assets?
  • Who will do the DP work? Roles and responsibilities
  • Who will re-use the assets?
  • Who decides how it is catalogued, stored, etc.?
  • Who has responsibility for curation?
  • Who is the collection owner?
  • What is a stakeholder?
  • Do I need a stakeholder map?
  • What sort of language is needed?