When is the right time to write a business case?

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questions and answers

  • Is this the right time to be writing a business case? Does it fulfil a need that the organisation has?
  • Has any work like this been undertaken before - successful or not?
  • Has the senior management been primed to the issue of preservation?
  • What evidence is there that senior management would be receptive to a business case
  • What is the cycle of decision making / budgets in the organisation? What is the best point in this planning cycle to make a business case?
  • What can you do in the short term - can you triage your collection? Damage control
  • What components are available now (staff/storage)? When will these components become available?

long term vision/approach

       short term components - staff, storage, etc 
  • Is the technology mature enough to deliver preservation
  • Will new solutions emerge that simplify the problem
  • Is the organisation nimble enough to respond to a problem?
  • What is the budget forecast - should we be looking to a short term project or a longer term commitment

   further information
       link to maturity assessement tools and approaches (e.g. AIDA).