What resources are we focussing on?

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  • What resources do you have available?
     Is this entirely new, or an extension of something you are doing already in part or in whole?
     Think about: staffing/skills, technical infrastructure (storage, processing), processes (e.g. cataloguing)
  • Where does the stuff come from?
  • Have you got a skills gap?
  • Have you got the infrastructure you need?
  • What are the access conditions affecting nature of resource?


  • What do you need to know - how much detail? Know what you don't need to know. What is enough information?
  • What have you got: complexity/diversity, volume/growth
  • Do you have large files that are difficult to process or move around your network?
  • What is the carrier medium?
  • What is the authenticity requirement?
  • What formats do you have?
  • What problems do your formats cause? (e.g. can you render the format? do files render correctly? what level of QA does the collection need - e.g. file by file? - do you have the resources available for the workflow? what tools are you using?)
  • What degree of stabilisation of assets is required via emulation etc
  • What are your Bit-level / carrier medium solutions?
  • What are your refreshment cycles?