Ways to engage? language? (e.g. IT: 'business continuity', ITIL)

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For most repositories it is not the intention to become an IT delivery organisation. However many of the action related to digital preservation will be executed by IT, either in-house or outsourced or in the cloud. This implies that thinking in terms of IT governance frameworks (COBIT, TOGAF) or IT delivery frameworks (ITIL) and adopting language and terminology will promote explicit and clear digital preservation requirement to IT delivery organisation. This approach connects to what Rauber calls “DP as capabilities and maturity evaluations". [1] . Rather, we may view DP as a set of capabilities that an institution has, as part of many other operational capabilities, and that are integrated with more routine processes. We are thus currently investigating opportunities of integrating DP in an eGovernance framework. Reference models such as TOGAF [17] and COBIT [8] provide a well-tested basis for designing and managing DP activities alongside other routine IT capabilities. It allows us to manage DP capabilities in the framework of IT governance, benefiting from the well-structured concepts and processes in this domain, defining drivers, constrains and controls [2].” [A. Rauber, 2012]