Tools and Models

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Tools Complexity Usability Currency Fear Factor Popularity X Factor Description
OAIS 91 33 86 89 95 94 Originating from the space data community, OAIS has become the bible of the wider digital preservation community. It provides a high level framework of a digital repository and a diagram that MUST be present in any presentation on digital preservation.
FITS 76 25 79 56 69 95 A characterisation tool that runs an array of atomic preservation tools and combines and normalises the output to simplify analysis and reuse.
DROID 45 76 64 41 79 62 DROID is a file format identification tool developed by The National Archives. It identifies file formats based on the definitions contained within The National Archives’ file format registry, PRONOM.
Apache Tika 72 33 81 52 62 88 Tika detects and extracts metadata and structured text content from various documents. It has been used successfully to gather characterisation information for digital collections.