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SCAPE Platform Executive Summary

An example Executive Summary.

Digital collections at this organisation have grown at such a rapid pace that our existing infrastructure is struggling to cope. Long term digital preservation of our collections and ensuring access for our users remain key strategic priorities. But as the capacity of our repository goes beyond 50TB we are unable to maintain the standards of digital preservation assessment defined in our organisational policy. This business activity will leverage and expand existing infrastructure in order to provide an efficient and cutting edge digital preservation capability.


Discussion notes explaining the approach in developing the Executive Summary example, above.

This summary focusses on the changing circumstances that leave the organisation unable to meet it's policy requirements and at risk of not living up to key strategic priorities. The efficiency of utilising an existing Hadoop cluster (rather than building something completely new) is hinted at. The detail of the solution, including any mention of the complex technologies of which it is composed, is not mentioned here.