Option appraisal/value for money analysis/return on investment

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NB CBA= cost/benefit analysis


This is the process that a practitioner should follow to build this section of the business case. This should be a numbered not option appraisal or list!

  1. Identify if you need this section in your business case, or exactly hwat type of appraisal is required. Possible options:
    1. your business case template does not require you to describe different options
    2. you need to list business case options and show costs for each
    3. you have to describe a 'do nothing' option - ie what would happen if no action is taken (no business case funding)
    4. you need to do a full cost/benefit analysis (CBA) for a number of different business case options


This should describe the contents or structure of the business case, resulting from following the Process above


Thoughts on how to adapt the content of this section to particular scenarios that the business case is focused on. Eg: CBA for creating a repository system, or CBA for new DP staff


Notes relevant to tailoring this section to the appropriate audience and communicating the the business case to that audience


These are external resources of relevance to this section. Links can be incorporated into the text above if that is more useful

eSPIDA - Expressing project costs and benefits in a systematic way for investment in information and IT