Jisc Research Data Spring Long Term Preservation Analysis and Recommendations

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The DPC has examined the challenges addressed, and results of, the Jisc Research Data Spring projects. It has provided recommendations on how the work can be enhanced from a digital preservation perspective as the projects continue on towards a third and final development phase in early 2016. This analysis considered challenges, gaps in the provision of solutions, potential for collaboration and opportunities for sustainability, all from the perspective of long term digital preservation. These wiki pages also provide a good source of information on the projects, collated from a number of sources. Listen to this podcast to find out more about the Research Data Spring.

Research Data Spring Projects mapped onto the OAIS diagram

This diagram shows the Research Data Spring Projects mapped onto the functional model of the OAIS standard. It provides an "at a glance" view of the main focus of each project in the context of digital preservation. For more detail, see the synthesis of the projects in the context of the OAIS model, by Jen Mitcham of the Filling the Digital Preservation Gap project.

The Projects

Data Vault

Extending the OPD to cover RDM

Clipper: Enhancing Time Based Media for Research

Filling the Digital Preservation Gap


Software Reuse

Data Management Administration Online

A Consortial Approach to Building and Integrated RDM System – Small and Specialist

Collaboration for Research Enhancement by Active Metadata

Streamlining Deposit: OJS to Repository Plugin

Giving Researchers Credit for their Data


See all projects | About this work | Jisc Research Data Spring