Institutional readiness

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  • Maturity models: AIDA, ISO TRAC, NDSA levels etc.
  • Cross-institutional readiness (different groups involved? e.g. IT, library divisions)
  • Digital preservation objectives as part of organisational mission?
  • Gap analysis - skills, functions (also comparator analysis with peer institutions)
  • Stakeholder analysis - demand, expectations, priorities, awareness - what are they trying to achieve? How does DP support them?
  • Ownership, responsibility, accountability - roles and responsibilities, organisational structure, job specifications


Sources of information

Issues to consider


  • Likely impact of DP on various roles/functions within the organisation
  • Capacity of the organisation to change
  • Organisational culture
  • Is it the right time?


  • Infrastructure
  • Staff skills/time
  • Financial preparedness - ability to fund the necessary infrastructure, staffing; sustainability of any funding allocated to DP