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This page is hosted by DPC for the iPres community

Introduction to the iPres Working Group

The iPres Working Group (iWG) was convened after iPres 2018 to undertake a review of the current structure and governance of iPres, and to make recommendations for its future in the Action Areas listed and explained below.

To date a number of actions and activities have taken place:

  • Spring 2019 - current version of the iPres charter shared for community review and comment
  • Spring 2019 - a brief survey conducted to gather information from the community about the future of iPres
  • Ongoing: coordinate with interested individuals or groups to ensure that issues and concerns are heard and included
  • September 2019: outcomes and recommendations from the Future of iPres Survey and the iPres Charter Review shared at iPres 2019 (81 responses from community members) - see presentations and data here:
  • September 2019: the continuation of the iWG to address the 2019 recommendations approved by the iPres Steering Group at its annual meeting
  • Winter 2019 - Summer 2020: iWG 2019-2020 worked to consolidate the 13 recommendations presented at iPres 2019 into five action areas (amid pandemic disruption)
  • September 2020: action areas packaged for the community to engage with - and volunteers sought to help with next steps and gathering feedback from the whole community to ensure that the outcomes align with expectations.

The aim of the iWG is to complete work on the recommendations and to present iWG 2020-2021 outcomes at the rescheduled iPres 2021 in Beijing.

Following the iWG update at #wemissipres (Day 3), continuing and new members of the iWG will work on the Action Areas, inviting feedback from the iPres community at intervals.

The timetable for Action Area Teams may be found here

Action Area 1: Purpose and Culture

2019 Recommendation 1: iPres is a conference that supports the development of a diverse and inclusive digital preservation community and facilitates the exchange of knowledge, experience, and skills.

iWG Outcome: approved for use by the iPres community

2019 Recommendation 2: iPres should have a statement of values supporting diversity, inclusion, accessibility, and environmental sustainability.

iWG Outcome: COMPLETE - Read the new iPres Statement of Principles which supports diversity, inclusion, accessibility, and environmental sustainability: Media:iPres_SOP2021.pdf

2019 Recommendation 3: iPres should have a standard Code of Conduct that is enforced at all iPres conferences [and events]. Organizers should inform attendees about the code of conduct and its enforcement.

iWG Outcome: COMPLETE - Read the new iPres standard Code of Conduct: Media:Ipres_CoC2021.pdf. This is based on the iPres 2018 Code of Conduct, the first for iPres; the iPres 2019 Code of Conduct and other community examples as a starting point.

See all documents related to Action Area 1

Action Area 2: Governance

2019 Recommendation 4: iPres should continue to have a governance body with specific changes to its membership and selection to ensure diversity and reflect a broad range of skills. See the complete recommendation for more details.

iWG Outcomes: Proposal: - the proposed iPres Governance and Election Framework is ready for iPres community consideration and action:

  • convene a small group of 5-7 iPres community members to seek review/approval by iPres community then address these recommendations by iPres 2021
  • adjust current iPres Streering Group membership to include a representative from five previous iPres conferences and a representative from the next two iPres conferences
  • reach out to allied organizations to identify liaisons to include in the iPres Governance group to inform iPres initiatives

2019 Recommendation 5: iPres should have a community governance document in place of the iPres Charter to reflect the principles and practices expressing in the feedback shared with the iPres Working Group (2018- 2019)

iWG Outcomes: Proposal: Seek volunteers for a small group of iPres community members to propose a revised iPres Charter using the community from the 2019 review as a starting point and seeking additional community input.

2019 Recommendation 6: iPres should hold regular elections to fill elected posts on the iPres governance body. See the complete recommendation for more details.

iWG Outcomes: Proposal: Building on the iPres Governance and Election Framework, conduct an election to elect 5 members from the iPres Community to serve on the revised iPres governance group.

See all documents related to Action Area 2

Action Area 3: Community Engagement and Transparency

2019 Recommendation 7: iPres should enable greater transparency for governance and organizing activities. See the complete recommendation for more details.

iWG Outcomes: following the iWG update at #wemissipres, share regular communications with the iPres community using the email listserv DIGITAL-PRESERVATION-IPRES@JISCMAIL.AC.UK. See Subscription information to join the list.

2019 Recommendation 8: The iPres governance body should meet annually and as needed with shared agendas and support for online open agenda items.

iWG Outcomes: Encourage iPres Steering Group to share periodic and ad hoc updates as needed until the revised Governance group convenes at iPres 2021.

2019 Recommendation 9: [After 2023], iPres should have community engagement for [host and] location selection [for iPres conferences and other events] with criteria to address:

  • a. Geographic diversity (expanded to include Africa and South America)
  • b. Political climate in host country (particularly in relation to issues of discrimination)
  • c. Accessibility (with regards to ease of travel and physical access to the spaces)
  • d. Appropriateness of facilities

iWG Outcomes: iWG has suggested changes to the iPres call for hosts for future iPres Conference [note: adjusting for the pandemic, the current call is for 2024, 2025, 2026]. See the full list of iWG suggestions made to update the calls for hosts. Continue to encourage the iPres Steering Group to open the selection of future hosts for iPres community members feedback and include this expectation in the revised iPres Charter.

See all documents relating to Action Area 3

Action Area 4: Convening and Sharing

2019 Recommendation 10: iPres should support streaming for all iPres sessions (or as many as possible). See the complete recommendation for more details.

iWG Outcomes: The call for future hosts includes this acknowledgement that iWG suggested: “There are ongoing discussions in the iPres community about recording and sharing some conference sessions, using community notetaking and social media, and other possibilities to broaden the reach of the conference.” iWG encourages iPres community members to share their feedback with STG and with the revised Governance group when it convenes at iPres 2021.

Recommendation 11: iPres should take steps to increase participation from underrepresented groups and countries

  • a. The program should include research, innovation, and established and emerging practice
  • b. The program should contain time for community discussions
  • c. Ad hoc programming is important and should form a key part of the program

iWG Outcomes: iWG efforts, including the draft iPres Statement of Principles, draft iPres Code of Conduct, draft iPres Governance and Election Framework, and the suggested changes to the Guidelines for preparing bids are examples of efforts to increase participation from underrepresented groups and countries. iWG encourages STG and the revised Governance group, when it convenes at iPres 2021, to ensure that the conference programs include research, innovation and established and emerging practice as well as time for community discussions and ad hoc programming.

Recommendation 12: iPres proceedings should be representative of all sessions and content shared at the conference, including full conference proceedings, recordings, and community notetaking.

iWG Outcomes: The revised Guidelines for preparing bids includes the iWG suggested addition: “Recent iPRES conference proceedings have included all of the content from the conference, including workshops, tutorial, lightning talks, panels, and other conference events.”

See all documents relating to Action Area 4

Action Area 5: Future of iPres

Recommendation 13: iPres should continue the iPres Working Group to address each of the recommendations listed.

iWG Outcome: Continue the iWG work through to iPres 2021:

  • Renew the membership of the iPres Working Group - status: a follow up call for continuing and new members in progress
  • Share updates about addressing the recommendations to keep the iPres community informed about its activities - use the email listserv DIGITAL-PRESERVATION-IPRES@JISCMAIL.AC.UK (see recommendation 7 above)


  • at iPres 2021, task the revised iPres governance group to convene a standing group to continue working to achieve these objectives and to continue to engage the iPres community

See all documents relating to Action Area 5