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This page is hosted by DPC for the iPres community


iPres is a conference that supports the development of a diverse and inclusive digital preservation community and facilitates the exchange of knowledge, experience, and skills.


The iPres Statement of Principles supports diversity, inclusion, accessibility, and environmental sustainability.

See our draft Statement of Principles and add your comments: LINK

Code of conduct

The iPres standard Code of Conduct sets out the behaviour expected by all members of the community attending all iPres conferences. Each conference organizer will inform attendees about the code of conduct and how this will be enforced.

See our draft Code of Conduct and add your comments: LINK


The roles and membership of the iPres Steering Group (STG) and its organizing teams are allocated to ensure diversity and reflect a broad range of skills. Roles and membership of the governance body are divided between elected, appointed, and liaison roles, and some roles have defined responsibilities. The STG will liaise with organizations representing the wider digital preservation community, including allied organizations and regional/local groups.

See our draft statement of purpose and defined roles for a diverse iPres governing body with elected, appointed, and liaison roles, and add your comments: LINK

See our draft community governance document (to replace the iPres Charter) which reflects the Statement of Principles, and add your comments: LINK


iPres will hold regular elections to fill elected posts on the iPres STG. Registration to vote is open to the whole digital preservation Community and may be carried out online. Elections aim to ensure diversity of gender, geographical spread, organization type (including different sizes and maturity), and level of seniority.

See our draft election process for iPres, and add your comments: LINK


iPres is transparent in its governance and organizing activities, including but not limited to: governance papers; engagement around selection of hosts; communications and opportunities for community input.

This webpage is a hub for open and transparent communications where you will be able to find developmental documents relating to iPres governance and other documentation in support of active community feedback.

Regular communications for those interested in staying up to date with iWG news and developments are sent to the email listserv DIGITAL-PRESERVATION-IPRES@JISCMAIL.AC.UK, you can subscribe to this list here: Subscribe


The iPres STG meets annually and as needed throughout the rest of the year with shared agendas and support for online open agenda items, providing reports and updates annually and as needed.

See the agenda for the next iPres STG meeting here: LINK View past documentation: LINK

Conference Hosting

The criteria for location selection is as follows: a. Geographic diversity (expanded to include Africa and South America) b. Political climate in host country (particularly in relation to issues of discrimination) c. Accessibility (with regards to ease of travel and physical access to the spaces) d. Appropriateness of facilities

See the call for hosts for iPres Conferences in 2023, 2024, 2025: LINK



iPres supports streaming for as many conference sessions as possible to enable access for those members of the community who may not be able to attend in person. At a minimum this includes streaming of keynote and other plenary presentations, as well as recording and share recordings for all/most sessions with online collaborative notes.

See our draft guidelines for streaming and other virtual conference options, and add your comments: LINK

Conference Program

iPres is taking steps to increase participation from underrepresented groups and countries, and going forward the conference program should include research, innovation, and established and emerging practice as well as time for community discussions and ad hoc programming.

See our draft guidelines for diverse and balanced conference programs, and add your comments here: LINK


iPres proceedings represent all sessions and content shared at the conference, including full conference proceedings, recordings, and community notetaking.

See our draft guidelines for sharing full conference proceedings, and add your comments here: LINK

Future of iPres

The iWG will continue address the recommendations presented as part of the community feedback sought in 2019. If you would like to join the iWG please contact: ADDRESS