Guidance pages for common practitioner challenges (as encountered in SPRUCE Mashups)

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This is a brainstorm from the SPRUCE book sprint

  • Audit your digital collections
    • Create a digital asset register that lists key information for each digital collection, including: what it is, who is responsible for it, where it is, and what rights are associated with it
  • Assess your organisation for digital preservation risks
    • Conduct a broad assessment of risks facing digital collections at your organisation
  • Stabilise a digital collection from handheld media
    • Stabilise data that is only stored on at risk hand held media (eg. floppy disks) by imaging the media
  • Verify the integrity of a digital collection
    • Create a verifiable manifest for a collection so that it's integrity can easily be verified. (Have you got all the files in the collection and are all of them undamaged?)
  • Assess and understand the characteristics of a digital collection
    • Take the first steps in characterising a digital collection using automated tools, and provide extracted metadata and technical characteristics that could be used to inform future preservation planning and action (I've got this digital collection, what is it and where do I start?)

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