Digital preservation risks

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  • availability (long-term use...)
  • identity (referencibility...)
  • persistence
  • renderability (use and retain sig. char.)
  • understandability (interpretation of content)
  • authenticity (digital bit or rendered form is what it is supposed to be)

CURATION responsibility (who is actually responsible) rights and licensing, use/re-use IP sensitivity (access control) MANDATE

capability and skills (skills gap) succession planning

usability marketing/surfacing/relevance

value of asset, reputation of asset

accruing value, impact, re-use, evidence

measuring and metrics, understand the long-term vision if the data is view over a long/short-term managing expectations of use value of materials against strategy

what happens when the organization no longer values the collection?

curation (adding value (who???)), organization, preservation for the bits and bytes


security institutional sustainability institutional risks