Develop a structure for the business case toolkit and preservation support pages

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Brain storm for the development of the business case for preservation

Neil Grindley reporting back his breakout group: Useful to think about a simple interrogatory approach ... When, Why, What, How, Who

Maureen Pennock reporting back: Define what we thought should go in a business case then work back to what we might need to help people right. this breaks down into a series of tasks:

  • Exec Summary
  • Strategic vision (where do we want to be)
  • Understand the collection
  • Understand the context / landscape
  • Fit to organizational mission
  • What are the risks facing the collection / institution
  • Prioritisation of risks
  • List of benefits - Value, ROI
  • Costs of action and inaction
  • Resources needed, institutional readiness (Skills / resourcs / stakeholders)
  • Practical recommendations over a short period (and risks associated with them)