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Archiving your files securely in a repository

This is a collection of case studies focusing on writing business cases for digital preservation in memory organisations. These case studies are primarily sourced from activities conducted as part of SPRUCE Project Awards, but also include contributions from other SPRUCE Mashup participants. Please add new case studies and/or business cases to this page!

Use this to learn the lessons from real business cases from real organisations, validating your approach, and picking up useful language and communication techniques.

SPRUCE case studies

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Bishopsgate library case study

A collections audit and business case focused on taking the first steps of digital preservation.

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Institute of education case study

A review of approach and generation of a business case for digital administrative record keeping.

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Northumberland estates case study

Assessment of digital repository solutions and an associated business case for digital preservation.

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Lovebytes case study

A trial of media stabilisation and content preservation along with a business case to move to a production status.

SCAPE case studies

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Jpylyzer case study

(under development) Using Jpylyzer in a production environment: benefits, risks and a sample business case

Other business cases

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University of St Andrews business case

A business case focused on research data management.

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