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Current state of OAIS review

Over 150 changes were suggested for the review of the OAIS 2012 standard version. The CCSDS working group is currently working on a new draft. It is still possible to participate in the discussions about the suggested changes.

How to follow the review process

Discussion directly related to the official review process of OAIS issues will be accessible via the

If you want to see all issues just enter “OAIS” in the “Quick Search” text field and press “Quick Search” You can now see the comments and discussion of an issue by clicking on an issue.

If you want to add a comment to an issue – or be mailed when there are changes – then you will need to make a login. You can create an account for login by pressing “New Account” in the top bar and follow the instructions.

After login:

  • You can add comments by ”Add Comment” under ”Additional Comments”)
  • You can follow issue by marking the box after “CC List:” (Add me to CC list)

The below issues have been added their respective issue URL on


Other topics/blogs that are not covered fully

Appearance on wiki as Area Comment
Topic Nestor OAIS in relation to other standards Partly covered by Proposal: The Family of OAIS Standard proposal
Topic Nestor Significant Properties vs. Transformational Information Properties
Topic Nestor OAIS and the PREMIS concepts "Intellectual Entity" and "Representation" Partly covered by Proposal: The Family of OAIS Standard proposal (related to Blog PREMIS and OAIS below)
Blog PREMIS and OAIS PREMIS and OAIS Partially covered by The Family of OAIS Standard proposal
Topic Nestor Integration of Lifecycle Management into OAIS / Pre-Ingest (related to Blog Pre-ingest)
Blog Pre-ingest Pre-ingest Not easy to formalize as there do not seem to be agreement on what this is, and line to e.g. PAIMAS is not clear.
Topic Nestor Ideas relating to AIP Update, AIP Delete und AIP Transfer
Topic DEPIP New upcoming ISo Standard DEPIP Could be included in the Proposal: The Family of OAIS Standards
Blog Preservation Watch Preservation Watch
Blog The case for a revision of OAIS The case for a revision of OAIS Partly covered by the Outer OAIS – Inner OAIS for description of distributed digital preservation Proposal. (see also Comments on David Rosenthal's "The case for a revision of OAIS")
Blog Visualizing OAIS Visualizing OAIS Partly covered by the Visualizing OAIS – Revised functions diagram proposal
Topic Minimal Effort Ingest Minimal Effort Ingest Implicitly and conceptually covered by the Outer OAIS – Inner OAIS for description of distributed digital preservation proposal with Ingest represented by an Inner OAIS
Topic Representation Information Software, that is part of an object's Representation Information, should be considered part of the digital object itself
Topics Add Data Curation Terminology extended with a definition of Data Curation - see discussion tab
Topic encryption Add language that specifically addresses the issue of encryption
Topic 'active'/'inactive' AIP Consider distinguishing between an 'active AIP' and an 'inactive AIP'
Topic DIP design Clarify where in model DIP design takes place
Topic transform SIP/AIP into DIP Specify that an OAIS must have the technological capability to transform a SIP or AIP into a DIP
Topic Add "lien" definition Add a definition to the glossary for "lien" as it is used in the context of the standard
Topic Transfer Information Package Transfer Information Package
Topic Add Selection and Appraisal Selection and Appraisal in the OAIS Model - issues of granularity in relation to pre-ingest