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* Efficiency
* Efficiency

==Resources Processes and Communications==

1. Gather relevant institutional documents, such as:
1. Gather relevant institutional documents, such as:

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Alignment with strategy

  • linking abstract benefits to local strategy
  • awareness of different contexts (records management policy, institutional/teaching strategy, library strategy, etc.)
  • linking low-level benefits (e.g. stabilising a collection) to high-level returns

Different audiences for describing the benefits

  • selecting benefits and language according to the audience (e.g. senior library managers, vs IT managers)


List of benefits by category


  • Return on investment


  • Access
  • Re-use, Re-purpose
  • Opportunity for funding bids
  • Outreach


  • Compliance (retention)
  • Reputation
  • Efficiency


1. Gather relevant institutional documents, such as:

  • Organizational strategic plan
  • Departmental service plan and performance indicators

Check how old they are and see if they are relevant. Ask whether you think DP is timely?

2. Carry out an environment scan such as:

  • Case studies of success and failure
  • Benchmark against comparators
  • Identify significant legislation / regulation

Check whether these are helpful Ask whether you think the mood is right?