Approaches to storage/hardware

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We can look at bit preservation as part of the digital preservation challenge and being one part of the larger storage management solution. The larger context of storage management has many more aspects that require decision-making at the policy-level. Think for example of the many ways to implement storage management: local vs outsourced; tape/disk/cloud; etc. All of these aspects will have a decisive financial component. A long-term, system independent view on storage enables organisations to identify specific requirements to what storage systems for their long term repositories need to comply. Major challenges in digital preservation remain essentially a “data integrity and availability” issues – as defined by the IT storage industry – and vendor storage solutions are the de-facto standard that ensure bit preservation in digital repositories. Procuring storage for digital preservation, is pragmatic by nature and bound to local situations. Budget in the context of negotiations with the storage provider (whether external or internal IT-provider) will determine the “acceptable rate of bit loss” or risk. Negotiations and tenders will need to be renewed regularly as long as storage solution prices are still evolving and have not stabilized – in order to ensure best performance-cost ratios over a longer period of time.