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The OAIS model in this document may be applicable to any Archive. It is specifically applicable to organizations with the responsibility of making information available for the Long Term. This includes organizations with other responsibilities, such as processing and distribution in response to programmatic needs.

This model is also of interest to those organizations and individuals who create information that may need Long Term Preservation and those that may need to acquire information from such Archives.

The model, including the functional and information modeling concepts, is relevant to the comparison and design of facilities which hold information, on a temporary basis, for two reasons:

– When taking into consideration the rapid pace of technology changes or possible changes in a Designated Community, there is the likelihood that facilities, thought to be holding information on a temporary basis, will in fact find that some or much of their information holdings will need Long Term Preservation attention.

– Although some facilities holding information may themselves be temporary, some or all of their information may need to be preserved indefinitely. Such facilities need to be active participants in the Long Term Preservation effort.

Standards developers are expected to use this model as a basis for further standardization in this area. A large number of related standards are possible. A road map for such development is briefly addressed in 1.5.

This reference model does not specify a design or an implementation. Actual implementations may group or break out functionality differently.

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Community Forum | OAIS Community | OAIS Structure | OAIS Blog Posts | Active Topics and News

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