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This subsection builds on the concepts presented in section 2 to further describe the types of information that are exchanged and managed within the OAIS. This subsection also defines the specific Information Objects that are used within the OAIS to preserve and access the information entrusted to the Archive. This more detailed model of OAIS-related Information Objects is intended to aid the architect or designer of future OAIS systems. The objects discussed in this subsection are conceptual and should not be taken to imply any specific implementations.

As discussed in section 2, the primary goal of an OAIS is to preserve information for a designated community over an indefinite period of time. In order to preserve this information an OAIS must store significantly more than the contents of the object it is expected to preserve. This subsection analyzes those information requirements used to describe the object classes of data associated with an OAIS. This subsection uses Unified Modeling Language (UML) [D3] object model diagrams to illustrate the concepts discussed in the text. An overview of the notation used and critical object modeling concepts is presented in annex C of this document. An understanding of this notation is required for a full understanding of the concepts presented in this subsection.

Subsection 4.2.1 provides a model of the information required for effective Long Term Preservation of information. Subsection 4.2.2 describes the conceptual objects and containers that represent the contents of an OAIS.

4.2.1 LOGICAL MODEL FOR ARCHIVAL INFORMATION Information Object Data Object Representation Information Representation Information Types Representation Networks Taxonomy of Information Object Classes Used by OAIS Content Information Preservation Description Information Packaging Information Descriptive Information 4.2.2 LOGICAL MODEL OF INFORMATION IN AN OPEN ARCHIVAL INFORMATION SYSTEM (OAIS) Information Package Types of Information Packages The Archival Information Package Specialization of the AIP and Package Descriptions Archival Information Unit Unit Description Archival Information Collections Collection Descriptions 4.2.3 DATA MANAGEMENT INFORMATION