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Currently, Package Descriptions are stored in persistent storage such as database management systems to enable easy, flexible access and update to the contained Associated Descriptions. In addition to the Package Descriptions discussed in the previous subsections, all the information needed for the operation of an Archive could be stored in databases as persistent data classes. Figure 4-25 illustrates the various types of ‘data management information’ within the OAIS. The Archive Administration Information represents the entire range of information required for the day-to-day operation of the Archive. This information includes:

– Policy information which provides pricing information and availability constraints for ordering archived information.

– Request tracking information that records the progress of each user transaction with an Archive. The request tracking process can be very complicated, involving database events and triggers, or as simple as a flat file tracking Order Requests.

– Security information that includes user names and any passwords or other mechanisms needed to authenticate the identity and privileges of Archive users.

– Event Based Order information that provides the information needed to support repeating or future requests.

– Statistical information needed by Archive administration and Management to determine future policies and performance tuning for more effective Archive operation. Examples of these statistics include the number of times an AIP was ordered over a time period and the average time between receiving an order request and shipping the requested holding.

– Preservation process history information that tracks the migrations of AIPs, including media replacements and AIP transformations.

– Customer profile information that enables the Archive to maintain facts such as user name and address to avoid the user’s having to reenter these facts each time he or she enters a request.

– Accounting information that includes the data necessary for the operation of the Archive as a business. The accounting data include payroll data, accounts payable data and accounts receivable data.

These classes are intended as examples rather than an exhaustive list of the data required for Archive administration. These classes are conceptual and individual OAIS implementations may vary significantly. For example, individual OAIS may choose to combine the Customer related information types such as Security and Customer Profile into a single database.

Figure 4-25 Data Management Information 650x0m2.jpg

Figure 4-25: Data Management Information

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