Taxonomy of Information Object Classes Used by OAIS

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There are many types of information involved in the Long Term Preservation of information in an OAIS. Each of these types can be viewed as a complete Information Object in that it contains a Data Object and adequate Representation Information to understand the data. This subsection builds on the discussions in 2.2 about the types of supporting information needed to enable Long Term Preservation and the discussion in the previous subsection on the role of Representation Information. The information modeling in this subsection discusses several types of Information Objects that are used in the OAIS. The objects are categorized by their content and function in the operation of an OAIS including Content Information objects, Preservation Description Information objects, Packaging Information objects, and Descriptive Information objects. The following subsections discuss the contents of each of the types of Information Object. Figure 4-12 shows a taxonomy of those Information Objects used within the OAIS.

Figure 4-12: Information Object Taxonomy