Packaging Information

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The Packaging Information is that information which, either actually or logically, binds or relates the components of the package into an identifiable entity on specific media. For example, if the Content Information and PDI are identified as being the content of specific files in a TAR file, then the Packaging Information may include the name of the TAR file and the fact that it is a TAR file including details of any specific encoding. On the other hand if the Content Information and PDI are files on a CD-ROM, then the Packaging Information may include the ISO 9660 volume/file structure on the CD-ROM. These choices are the subject of local Archive definitions or conventions. The Packaging Information does not necessarily need to be preserved by an OAIS since it does not contribute to the Content Information or the PDI. However, there are cases where the OAIS may be required to reproduce the original submission exactly. In this case the Content Information is defined to include all the bits submitted.

The OAIS should also avoid holding PDI or Content Information only in the naming conventions of directory or file name structures. These structures are most likely to be used as Packaging Information. Packaging Information is not preserved by all Digital Migrations. Any information saved in file names or directory structures may be lost when the Packaging Information is altered. The subject of Packaging Information is an important consideration to the Migration of Information within an OAIS to newer media. This subject is addressed in detail in section 5 of this document.